Virtual experience of takeoff

Takeoff in a GT450 Flexwing with Swift Light Flight at Shobdon


Takeoff in a EV97 microlight with Swift Light Flight at Shobdon


Virtual experience of landing

Landing in a GT450 Flexwing with Swift Light Flight at Shobdon


Landing in a EV97 microlight with Swift Light Flight at Shobdon


First Solo Flight

We filmed Andrew's first solo flight in the Eurostar, small video below, large video click here.


So you want to learn to fly!

No prior experience of flying or special equipment is required to start training. Swift Light Flight offers a beginners pack once the student has decided to continue training to gain a pilot licence, this usually takes 2 to 3 lessons. The beginners pack includes all books and equipment required by the student at a discounted rate.

To obtain a National Private Pilots Licence - NPPL -with a microlight rating the student will receive instruction as detailed in the BMAA/CAA training syllabus.

The minimum training required is 25 hours which includes 15 hours duel instruction and 10 hours solo instruction including two solo cross-country flights. There are also 5 multiple choice exams. Air Law Aircraft General Navigation Meteorology and Human Performance and Limitations.

Once a good standard of flying has been achieved you will take a General Skills Test (GST) which covers all aspects of flying and your ability to handle any of the emergencies that may happen. For solo flight and to maintain the NPPL licence a medical declaration of fitness is required signed by your GP. For more information on the medical declaration and the NPPL go to

The minimum age for holding a licence is 17 years of age though you can start your training before this. It is also a requirement to have a radio operators licence if you intend to use one to communicate.

It should be remembered that the 25 hours training is the minimum requirement but most people take a little longer.

Most lessons take two hours consisting of a pre-flight briefing, then the flight followed by a de-brief but only the flying time is charged for.

To get started simply book an air experience trial lesson which can be done on line. This will familiarise you with the aircraft and the sensation of being airborne and in control of your own flying machine.

Swift Light Flight tailors its courses to suit the individual. We specialise in block courses enabling the student to gain a licence in a matter of weeks rather than months. Even on bad weather days the time can be used for ground studies.

Once you have gained your NPPL Swift Light Flight has a number of advanced courses conducted by highly experienced instructors these including:-

Using the school aircraft or your own aircraft.

Most importantly learning to fly is fun and opens up a whole new world of meeting interesting people going to new places and learning new skills.

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